Interaction of Research Clusters to achieve relevant outcomes for IDMxS

The scientific platform of IDMxS is built on the integration of optical and electronic technologies, data science with associated machine learning, biomarker discovery and development, and recognition chemistry as the basis for designing innovative and societally-needed assays, sensors, and detectors down to single molecule level. The institute is organized into four closely interacting research clusters: (1) Detection, (2) Transduction, (3) Analytics, and (4) Translation.

Problem definition (in figure) identifies important target analytes, pathogens or diseases. Detection Cluster’s role is to convert physical, chemical, and biological interactions and reactions to observable quantities. Transduction Cluster’s role is to convert optical or electrical signals to numbers. Analytics Cluster will develop task-specific evaluation schemes to achieve optimal detection outcomes in complex environments. Translation Cluster’s role is to integrate the resulting assays into field-deployable point-of-care applications and devices.

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