About IDMxS

The Institute for Digital Molecular Analytics and Science (IDMxS), officially launched on 1 December 2022, is a Research Centre of Excellence (RCE) supported by a total investment of around S$160 million over 10 years, including S$94 million from the Singapore Ministry of Education. IDMxS is an organised effort focused on interfacing the biological and living world with the world of information technology and data science.

Our Vision

To revolutionise sensing and transform it into a digital paradigm that uses the limit of detection of single molecular events as the basic unit of information, enabling rapid, accurate, low-cost detection of biological targets in real-life environments.

Our Purpose

The goal of IDMxS is to conceptualise, develop, and prototype a new generation of low-cost and readily deployable tools for highly reliable, fast measurements of chemical and biological entities of interest in natural environments (i.e., plant, human, and animal bodies, waters, and air) and urban spaces (i.e., airports, hospitals, malls, trains, and theatres).

IDMxS will deliver data evaluation tools based on state-of-the-art mathematical, statistical and machine-guided strategies to extract high-resolution information from real-life, noisy, and complex data sets. The IDMxS technology will thus allow the collection, sorting, and organization of big data whose machine-guided analysis will enable better health outcomes, environmental monitoring, food safety, and security.

Our Technical Strategy

Our technical strategy involves the integrated application of convergent advances in optical and electronic technologies, data science and machine learning, biomarker discovery, recognition chemistry, and materials design.

Research Clusters

The scientific platform of IDMxS is built on the integration of optical and electronic technologies, data science with associated machine learning, biomarker discovery and development, and recognition chemistry as the basis for designing innovative and societally-needed assays, sensors, and detectors down to single molecule level. The institute is organized into four closely interacting research clusters: (1) Detection, (2) Transduction, (3) Analytics, and (4) Translation. Find out more about our research clusters.

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