Translation Cluster


Lead: Eric YAP Peng Huat

Associate Professor
LKCMedicine, Nanyang Technological University

Integrating the resulting assays into field-deployable point-of-care applications and devices


To identify and prototype biomedical applications that aptly demonstrate the technological advantages of digital molecular analysis for challenging next generation diagnostics, viz, high sensitivity, variable sample volumes and types, quantitative accuracy, sequence analysis, parallelization and multiplexing, speed, miniaturization, usability and detection of novel targets.


Considering the broad array of potential diagnostic and detection devices that may emerge from IDMxS, we will take a generic platform approach (genomics, high throughput screening) that is applicable to broad classes of targets (DNA, antigens, small molecules) and use cases (wearable/disposables, point-of-care tests, lab testing), instead of specific narrow applications. This will allow IDMxS to interface and collaborate with a large number of biomedical researchers with subject matter expertise in use cases to perform clinical validation and establish utility.

The Translation Cluster will develop prototypes of devices that will integrate modules for sample handling, detection and transduction chemistry, optical or electronic sensors, and data analysis, developed in other clusters. These will rely on in-house capabilities in probe development, microfluidics, control electronics, mechanical design, pilot scale fabrication and testing. It is envisaged that device prototypes will ultimately incorporate single molecule digital partitioned assays. The cluster will also develop high content panels involving 00’s or 000’s of targets, exemplified by microbiome profiling and antibiotic resistance testing.

Principal Investigators

CHEN Xiaodong
LIM Chwee Teck

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