IDMxS Mission

IDMxS is focused on development of core science to drive a paradigm shift in molecular detection and analysis to link the biomolecular world of life with the networked world of technology. We are all accustomed to accessing real-time traffic information on our mobile phones. IDMxS seeks to expand such capabilities to include health information, such as viral infection or molecular signatures of disease, and environmental information including air and water quality.  To obtain this information requires the ability to detect, identify, and quantify specific molecules. The IDMxS strategy addresses this challenge with an approach rooted in physical science and the emerging field of digital molecular analytics.

For the purposes of IDMxS, we are defining the term digital molecular analytics to refer to the broad class of scientific strategies to detect, identify, and quantify molecular species in a massively parallel assay format. In this way, each assay becomes an individual pixel in the overall digital measurement—sometimes detecting single molecules with binary output—and the defining feature of digital molecular analytics is the way these thousands or millions of individual assay readouts are collected, interpreted, and ultimately reconstructed into a super resolution molecular analysis. The IDMxS value proposition is that by advancing the science of digital molecular analytics, we will forge an interface between the world of networked mobile devices and the biomolecular world that is not currently possible with conventional technologies.

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