6th January 2023
8 AM – 6.30 PM
School of Biological Sciences (SBS) LT – Class Room 1
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As of December 1st, IDMxS has now officially launched, and we are looking forward to our inaugural symposium on Jan 6, 2023.  This symposium will be an important first chance for all of us to meet our External Advisory Board (EAB) members, who will be playing an integral role in the development and direction of IDMxS.  Here are the details on the event.


Click here for Symposium Programme
Registration has closed on 19th Dec 2022 (Mon).

For those whom indicated would like to present a poster, please print it in either A0 or A1 size. You may submit printing request at “ServiceNow -> IT Services -> AV Media Support -> Request for Print Services“.

For enquiries, contact Cindy Chan Mei Ying at meiying@ntu.edu.sg.


EAB brief bios 

David R. Walt, EAB Chair (https://wyss.harvard.edu/team/core-faculty/david-walt/)

Prof. Walt is a Core Faculty Member of the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, is the Hansjörg Wyss Professor of Bioinspired Engineering at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Associate Member at the Broad Institute, and is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor. Walt is co-Director of the Mass General Brigham Center for COVID Innovation.

Walt is the Scientific Founder of Illumina Inc., Quanterix Corp., and has co-founded multiple other life sciences startups including Ultivue, Inc., Arbor Biotechnologies, Sherlock Biosciences, Vizgen, Inc., and Torus Biosciences.


Steven G. Boxer (https://www.boxerlab.stanford.edu/)

Prof. Boxer is currently the Chair of the Chemistry Department at Stanford University.  His laboratory investigates the structure and function of biological systems with a strong physical perspective.  Specific research interests of the Boxer lab include excited etate dynamics in GFP and split GFP, electrostatics and dynamics in proteins, model membranes, and energy and electron transfer in photosynthesis.


Daniel Fletcher (https://fletchlab.berkeley.edu/)

Prof. Fletcher is a Professor of Bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley. His lab develops new instruments to study the cytoskeleton and its role in cell movement and shape change. He is also known as an early developer of cell phone-based diagnostics. Prof. Fletcher was a White House Fellow during the Bush to Obama transition.


Jwa-Min Nam (http://thenamlab.org)

Prof. Nam is a Professor of Chemistry at Seoul National University in Korea.  His works spans a wide range of topics including nanoparticle-based sensing and molecular computing.



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