Postdoc Seminar

Dear colleagues and friends,

We would like to invite you to the next seminar in our postdoc series on 08 Aug, Tue, 9.50 – 11 am in the IDMxS foyer (NTU, EMB Lvl 7). Refreshments (coffee, tea, donuts, and assorted fruit) will be provided for all registered attendees (beginning 9:40 am). Please share this announcement widely! Register your intent to attend at

Our talks for the 08 Aug seminar will be:

Talk #1: “Human antimicrobial peptide inactivation mechanism of enveloped viruses” Presented by: Samuel WATTS, PhD Research Fellow, PI: Sierin LIM NTU – CCEBTalk #2: “How to create a perfect biosafety diagnostic platform with the help of recombinant receptors of the native immune system” Presented by: Giora MOROZOV, PhD Senior Research Fellow, PI: Sierin LIM NTU – IDMxS

We are also continuing to solicit speakers for this series for October and onward: any interested postdocs (or senior students) can email us at Please share this with anyone that might like to present.

Thoughts on our seminar format? Let us know what we can do better for future sessions through this feedback form.

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