We are incredibly excited to invite you to our first-of-the-year Early-career Researcher Seminar (IDMxS-ERS, formerly Postdoc Seminar) on 26 Mar 2024, Tue, 10 – 11 am in the IDMxS foyer (NTU, EMB Lvl 7). Refreshments (coffee, tea, and various snacks) will be provided for all registered attendees (beginning 9.30 am, arrive by 9.50 to enjoy). Please share this announcement widely! Register your intent to attend at https://forms.office.com/r/LMvS2bpiAQ..

Our talks for this seminar will be:

Talk #1: “Engineering Artificial Lipid Membrane Systems Toward Biomedical Applications”
Presented by: Hyunhyuk TAE, PhD Candidate, NTU – MSE
PI: Nam-Joon CHO

Talk #2: “Neurophysiology-inspired Graph Neural Networks for Brain-computer Interfaces”
Presented by: DING Yi, PhD, Research Fellow, NTU – SCSE
PI: GUAN Cuntai

This is a continuation of our 2023 IDMxS Postdoc Seminar series, now rebranded to IDMxS-ERS to be more inclusive of other research positions. Our focus remains on giving research communication opportunities to researchers at or near the level of a post-doctoral research fellow. We are very actively looking for speakers in 2024, and anyone interested (including students!) can use the registration form or email us at idmxs-events@ntu.edu.sg for more info. Nomination of speakers from peers or advisors is also encouraged.

Thoughts on our seminar format? Let us know what we can do better for future sessions through this feedback form.

We look forward to your attendance and support for our seminar event!

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